Sarina Corporation - Partnering for Success!

Sarina Corporation provides bookkeeping and accounting services for a wide variety of clients.  We take client information such as bank and credit card statements and convert that data into useful monthly financial statements that provide an overview of the health and stability of a business. The financial statements serve as a barometer of the business' success.  We review the financial statements with our clients so they have a good grasp of their business' financial standing.

We also offer sales tax preparation, full service payroll, Quarterly Employment Compliance Reports, end of year preparation of 940's, W-2’s, 1099’s, and electronic filing of IRS approved forms.  

In addition, Sarina Corporation also offers Federal and state tax preparation for individuals, corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, non-profit entities, estate/gift clients, and trusts.  Our business clients that are also our bookkeeping clients receive a discount on the preparation of their business returns.  We also offer tax planning and business consulting.

Communication is key to success in all endeavors.  Sarina Corporation maintains regular contact with our clients, and we review the documents with our clients to ensure comprehension.  We are available to our clients by phone or e-mail for any questions.

Contact Sarina Corp with your questions today: Contact@SarinaCorp.Com