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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Why Do I need Monthly Bookkeeping?

Running a business successfully requires more than just the passion and enthusiasm that started it.  It requires things many business owners may not have awareness or understanding of, such as what are my costs of goods sold,  what expenses are being incurred, what taxes will be owed and to whom, how much income is truly being brought in, what are the current account balances, etc.  Having the right Bookkeeper can make a world of difference in a business owner understanding their business inside and out. Sarina Corporation provides monthly financial statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet) and reviews the statements with the client to ensure an overall comprehension of their business's health. Customizeable reports are available on request, and included in the monthly bookkeeping cost!

What are the advantages of outsourcing these services?

Our services are equivalent to having an accountant, bookkeeper and IT specialist on-hand.  The process of hiring someone for each of these positions can be expensive, frustrating and fruitless.  Businesses can save on the taxes and payroll costs associated with these positions by having Sarina Corp perform these services.  In other instances, some businesses are not quite large enough to afford a full-time professional on the payroll, but the work has become too much to manage internally.  We are a proven team, with references available to affirm our knowledge and expertise in these areas.  Take the guess work out of finding qualified personnel, Sarina Corp can do the job today!

 What about Tax Season? How does help Sarina Corp help me stay organized?

As a bookkeeping client of Sarina Corp, our monthly financial statements provide you with a current assessment of your business' tax status and filing needs.  When tax season arrives, your business' tax records are up-to-date and ready to be prepared.  Sarina Corp can provide a tax organizer to help you be more prepared and organized when it is time to file personal returns.

Why should I have my write up work done by my Tax Professional?

Our knowledge and expertise in tax work results in financial records and documents organized for easy tax preparation.  Monthly bookkeeping clients of Sarina Corp will have all of their business' tax records already prepared.

What is Write-Up work?

Write-up work (and bookkeeping) is taking your "raw" financial data such as bank and credit card statements and compiling the information into a useful financial database.  Financial reports can be generated that summarize income, expenses, liabilities, assets, cash flow and business health.  The information is extremely useful in directing the success of a business.

How do I get a quote?

Every business is unique, and there are many variations to a business' needs.  We'd be honored to review your business and see how Sarina Corp can be of service.  Contact us today to setup a conversation about your business and its needs.  Thank you in advance!